Collection: Daily Lenses

Our daily contact lenses are made of hioxifilcon D with 54% water content...

Our daily contact lenses are made of hioxifilcon D with 54% water content.

This material was chosen to create a comfortable and natural feel while wearing the lenses. These daily contact lenses are designed to be worn for a single day from the date they are first opened.

To use these daily contact lenses, start by washing your hands with soap and water and drying them thoroughly. Remove the lens from its packaging and place it on the tip of your index finger. Hold your eye open with your free hand and gently place the lens on the cornea, using your finger to position it correctly. Slowly blink and look in different directions to help the lens settle into place.

It's important to follow proper hygiene when using these daily contact lenses to ensure the health and safety of your eyes. After each use, be sure to clean the lens with a new lens cleaning solution. Avoid using tap or sterile water, rewetting drops, salina, or saliva to clean the lenses, and always use a new lens cleaning solution after each use. Make sure the lenses are clean and moist before inserting them into your eye, and never use a damaged lens. It is also recommended to remove the lenses before sleeping and to wear them for a maximum of 6 hours at a time to reduce the risk of complications and eye infections.

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