Your ultimate gifting guide this Holiday season! 👀❤️

Your ultimate gifting guide this Holiday season! 👀❤️

With Christmas around the corner, gifts inevitably come to mind. While we do love receiving gifts, deciding what to get someone is another game altogether! Cue hours of head-scratching and wondering how to choose the perfect present. And it's even tougher when you're thinking of gifting beauty products. Choosing the best beauty gift might seem easy, but in reality, it can be either a hit or a miss.

But wait! This doesn’t mean that you’ve reached a dead end. To jump-start your enthusiasm, our handy gifting guide is ever-present to help you out. Whether you're looking for the perfect false lashes or exquisite eye makeup sets that reflect their charm and personality, we have covered them all in our Christmas gifting guide!

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The Makeup Geek
Does impressing someone sound tough? Try impressing the Makeup Geek. They're up-to-date on all the makeup trends and adore only the best high-quality products. You’ve probably gone to them countless times for beauty advice, and now it’s time to show how far you’ve come.

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While choosing a gift for them might seem impossible, we're totally here to prove that it's not.  Don’t believe us? Gift them our limited edition GLAM KIT for nights when they want things classy. Encased in a royal blue box with a gold frame, this kit includes the Tiger’s Eye faux Mink eyelashes, these roaring lashes are perfect for a confident look that never looks back. And you can’t ever go wrong with the VANTA Lash Adhesive Liquid Eyeliner. Dark and mysterious like the winter night sky. But this eyeliner won’t only make your eyes shine like stars, it’ll hold your lashes too. This kit also comes with a high-end lash applicator is all you need in one tool, curved tweezers on one side, lash comb on the other. Lash application has never been this easy!

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Or maybe you might want to go for the ULTIMATE EYE SET if you're looking for something that's more custom. This bundle has everything from our ONYX Lash Booster Mascara that will make your lashes reach high, pulling everybody near you into the deep grace of your eyes, to a 1-month supply of lenses in their favourite shade. Complete with a hand-held beauty mirror, this is the perfect gift for the geek who wants to dabble in a little bit of everything to create a mesmerizing eye look in a flash!

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Want to give them something that they’ll love you forever for? Check out the LASH BOOSTER SET that will put all its heart into making their lashes and brows blossom! The combination of the TOURMALINE Lash+Brow Booster Serum and ONYX Lash Booster Mascara is sure to impress even the pickiest of Makeup Geeks. TOURMALINE Serum nourishes each hair from root to tip, for long-term health upon routine application. ONYX Mascara packs beauty solid as a rock by not just adding volume to lashes, but making them appear longer, stronger, and healthier over time.

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The Influencer:
When you’re shopping for your Influencer friend, you’re shopping for their fan following as well. With bold looks and ever-changing style, social media like the 'gram is the perfect platform for them to showcase their personal style.

Swati Verma applying Lash booster ONYX Mascara

For the Trendy Influencer friend, you can't go wrong by getting them the aptly-named INFLUENCER SET curated by our founder Swati Verma (@swativerma). It features our fan-favourite, the game-changing VANTA Lash Adhesive Eyeliner that allows them to create bold, graphic and #TRENDING eye looks all while holding their lashes in place. Did we mention that it’s also smudge and waterproof? This set also includes our bestseller shade for a Glam Night Out: PEARL coloured lenses in 1 month duration, an ergonomic eyelash curler, a dual-ended lash applicator, and a pair of TANZANITE lashes, bringing the true power of not caring about the norm. Turning heads - Swati Verma's way - just got easier!

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Or maybe, as they say, perfection is what defines what an influencer portrays, and that is achieved from combining their own charm with the products they use. Now, who wouldn’t want that? The NATURAL BUNDLE encompasses lens shades inspired by elements in nature; from prancing through a Sandstone desert and discovering the hidden riches of Jade to taking a dive into the deep blue Sapphire sea, our Natural Bundle has 3 perfectly balanced coloured lenses shades that mimic the Influencer themselves, always ready for a new challenge! Gift them this bundle, and you'll have them raving about your gift to their followers in no time.

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Add in our Makeup Mirror to the mix, and you have an absolute winner! Sleek and chic, it is the perfect accessory to help their beauty shine! Small enough to fit into their mini handbag and pretty enough to make a statement on their Instagram grid aesthetic.

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The Lens Lover:
Think shopping for the Lens Lover sounds easy? Think again. The Lens Lover is someone who understands that just switching up your eye colour could be the perfect way to change someone’s entire look. After all, your eyes are really the window to your soul! And while letting your eyes speak for you is quite an amazing experience, Lens Lovers are extremely particular about the lenses they use. They’re experts at telling apart a good lens from the thousands of bad ones.

SWATI Cosmetics coloured contact lenses

So, why not gift them our ROYAL BUNDLE which features our full collection of 8 different shades, and is easily one of the best ways to achieve a unique, personal style. Every mood, every occasion, it's time to get a royal bow!  With all 8 tantalizing colours in one beautiful bundle, they will have the pick of the crown!  From opting for a look that’s playful and light one day, to selecting a more vivid and confident gold gaze the next, this incredible selection is perfect for them!

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If going big isn't really their style, how about getting them our bestseller JADE in a 6-month duration, it’s a great gift for those with an eye for style (pun intended). Jade is the perfect eye colour that will compliment any natural complexion, wearing this shade, they won’t need luck.

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And as any Lens Lover will tell you, where there’s a pair of lenses, there’s a bottle of lens solution. Our Multi-Purpose Lens Solution enriched with high-quality Hyaluronic acid, contributes to increased eye comfort, with protecting, healing, and moisturising qualities. This solution is also perfect for any coloured lens, and keeps the pigment of lenses vibrant for a long time to come!

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The Traveller:
Holiday on the French Riviera with just enough time to pack? They’ll take it! We all have that friend who can’t resist a good adventure. The Traveller is always on the go and needs beauty quick fixes to help them look fresh and gorgeous all day; even during those extra long travels. Besides, you surely wouldn’t want your Traveller bestie missing their flight or train while applying mascara, right? 

Woman with puppy on her travelling bag.

Our on-the-go DAILY ROUTINE SET, curated by our founder Swati Verma herself, is definitely going to become their Holy Grail makeup set! It features our best-selling lens JADE, the TOURMALINE Lash+Brow Booster Serum for when those lashes (and brows) need a routine in a bottle, an eyelash-curler, and the ONYX Lash Booster Mascara for an instant lift to complete that effortless look!

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Want to make things more special? Add in our Faux Silk Sleeping Mask, their eyes deserve to be pampered with this pillowy soft mask bringing them only the sweetest dreams.

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Not to forget the ever-handy Multi-Purpose Lens Solution infused with to keep those coloured lenses as vibrant as ever. And that’s not all! It comes in a handy 100 ml bottle which is perfect for those on the go!

SWATI Cosmetics - Multipurpose Lens Solution - Shop Now

These amazing products are sure to show them some equally amazing results, without having to worry about the ticking clock. Our on-the-go products are designed to help your Traveller BFF maintain their best look, without worrying about time.

You're sure to select the best products for your friends and find something that's sure to impress.

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Happy Holidays and Happy Shopping from SWATI!

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