Your Mascara Might Be Damaging Your Lashes

Your Mascara Might Be Damaging Your Lashes

If eyes are the windows to the soul, what are eyelashes?

Eyelashes. Everybody’s after bigger, bolder and longer eyelashes. This pursuit of having the best eyelashes usually ends up leading to using faux eyelashes that one simply glues onto their lash line. It’s fast, it’s easy and it's relatively safe. All you need is some lash glue and eyelash tweezers to hold them onto place and you’re all set. But what if you don’t want to bedazzle yourself every time you want to go out? What if what you’re really going for is a soft makeup look that accentuates your features without altering your appearance altogether. What do you do when you want that natural, easy-going look without looking like you just rose from the grave?

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These days, it is all about beauty. It’s all about looking your best, if not at the very least, presenting your best self to the world. We know this, you know this, the whole world knows this by now. There are also countless beauty brands in the market today. Each one selling us their products and painting them in a whole new light to make it seem like their universal selling point (or USP) is somehow better than the rest. It is only natural that these brands have to fight their way to the top as they distinguish their products from their competitors because of the sheer similarity each product has. 

Mascara is that one product that is on the same lines as this. Every beauty brand, you name it: from high-end brands that market their cosmetic pieces starting from $500 to drugstore mascaras that cost a total of $7 and less. Not just one, but multiple mascaras all for different effects. Some brands have one that accentuates your outer corner to give you more of a cat-eye. Another one that doesn’t clump your lashes together and separates them. Similarly, high-end brands have about 15 others and all of them for separate purposes in order to keep up in the competitor market.
These commercial mascaras are great for several purposes, as you can see. However, are they really that good for applying on your natural lashes? And how long can they last after you first apply them to your eyelashes?

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Cue SWATI Onyx Lash Boosting Mascara. This mascara is sure to be your next favourite simply because of the wonderful benefits it packs in its formula. Onyx is the same stone that Cleopatra is said to have carried around with her at all times because of its protective properties and believe us when we say, our Onyx is as beautiful as its rock counterpart.

SWATI Onyx - Lash Booster Mascara

SWATI Onyx Lash Boosting Mascara will have your lashes reaching for the sky with its strong holding formula and, with the way this mascara wand is shaped, you can stay rest assured that the mascara will be applied to every lash hair on your eyes! The bristles on the wand are purposefully designed with the intent that no eyelash hair gets left behind. What is more is that with the obvious benefits of making your eyelashes appear stronger, healthier and longer every time you apply ONYX it makes your eyelashes appear more fuller over time. And this is a factor we are most proud of. You’ll start to notice your lashes appearing longer and thicker by the very first coat!

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ONYX is not just mascara, it’s also formulated to be used as a curative mask for achieving longer lashes over time!

Unlike others in the market, ONYX works to better your lashes over time. This is due to the wonderful active ingredients we have used in our product. Ingredients like PROVITAMIN B5 which makes the natural lashes looking fuller and thicker, CAROB TREE SEEDS that helps to increase hair strength and to repair damaged hair, and a bunch of other natural ingredients all combined into our wonderful mascara!

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The activated ingredients mentioned above should win you over already, but if you’re still searching for reasons to buy, let us tell you that it is absolutely wallet-friendly. Priced at just $28 our mascara sure does pack a heavy punch at such a meagre price. With hundreds of amazing reviews and 5 stars on our website, we’re sure ONYX will be your next makeup essential. And why wouldn’t it be? With its wonderful ingredient list, an amazingly purposefully designed wand made to hug your lash line and include all your lash hairs, you can count on it to give you a lift (pun intended) any day.

Swati Verma with Onyx lash booster mascara applied

SWATI Cosmetics ran an independent laboratory testing with 25 women aged between 22 and 56. The results concluded that: 

  • 100% of the panellists immediately saw multiplied and fuller lashes
  • 100% of the panellists said they saw lifted and curled lashes all day long (including 30% of the subjects with straight lashes)
  • After 28 days of use, 90% of the panellists said they saw longer and stronger-looking lashes.
  • After 45 days of use, 60% of the panellists said they experienced a reduction of lash fall out

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With lab results concluding that SWATI Onyx Lash Boosting Mascara really is the best mascara for the longer run, why not give it a try and find out for yourself? ONYX is even suitable for those who have sensitive eyes and those who wear contact lenses. For any other convincing, you can always refer to the reviews of the product on this page. Happy shopping!

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Written by: Hina Butt

My current favourite SWATI Cosmetics product: ONYX Mascara

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