Dear readers, followers and future customers, this is a big day for us!

We, Swati Verma and Vishal Nanda, are so happy and excited to be welcoming you to SWATI Cosmetics. Swati is a renowned makeup artist from New Delhi, working globally with international and high-end clients. Vishal is an experienced serial entrepreneur based in Stockholm. Our story began, like many other good stories, with the two of us falling in love. Together we form not only a romantic dream team but also the dream team behind this new beauty brand, whose main focus is to celebrate diversity as well as respecting beauty of all skin tones, sizes, ethnical backgrounds and personalities.

Our first product to be launched is something completely unique and that is bound to take the market by storm. We are talking about our cosmetics lenses, which are available in an array of stunning colours, to fit every outfit, makeup or even individual mood. Just as you would normally match your lipstick with clothes and other makeup, now you can do exactly the same with your eyes.

We are extremely proud to claim that our lenses are the most natural looking ones worldwide. Try it for yourself: they blend in and work with your own eye colour and are more or less impossible to spot when you have them on, only enhancing your natural beauty and look of the day. Wearing glasses? We have got you covered as well. Our six months cosmetics lenses come with or without power, to suit all needs in that respect.

There has been a huge amount of love and labour put into this project, to make sure our lenses are market-leading in terms of quality and ease of use. Our production takes place in one of the most respected factories internationally and we have chosen to exceed industry safety standards to ensure the wellbeing of our customers. We have quite literally been working day and night for the past two years to realise this and there has been no effort spared. Every shade, component, accessory, piece of packaging and ever so small detail has been thoroughly scrutinised before passing the test.

Team SWATI Cosmetics

And now the day has finally come when we are allowed to launch this new part of our journey together. And this time it is a journey together with you! With our cosmetics lenses, we want to encourage you to be your own kind of beautiful. Every day. On any occasion. Whatever mood.

The SWATI Cosmetics cosmetics lenses are available for shipment to Europe, the UAE, and India. We hope to see them on you very soon. They are, as we put it, for your eyes only.

With love from,
Swati and Vishal

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Written by: SWATI Cosmetics

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