Assalamualaikum UAE, get ready to welcome SWATI Cosmetics to your breathtaking country! We're making our rousing debut of our entire range of lenses, cosmetics and accessories in the Gulf, and you can now purchase our products from a FACES retail store in UAE.

Ever since its initial launch, SWATI Cosmetics has been hugely popular among fashion and beauty influencers for its authenticity and commitment to inclusivity and quality. Our showstopper is the revolutionary series of coloured contact lenses which are available with power as well as without. From soft, superior quality lenses in a variety of gorgeous colours to a delightful range of eye makeup essentials, we have them all! The best part? All our products are vegan and cruelty-free! We constantly strive to create sustainably and ethically produced premium products with a focus on design and safety.

FACES UAE is the ultimate beauty destination for the Middle stores, and has over 85 stores spread throughout the region! They’re pioneers in beauty retail, and offer the most extraordinary shopping experience. From legacy brands to more indie favourites, FACES carries them all!

SWATI Cosmetics booth at the Mall of Emirates, Dubai, UAE.

And now they're the first in UAE to house all our signature products including monthly and 6-month coloured lenses, and top-quality makeup essentials like our TOURMALINE Lash+Brow Booster Serum and ONYX Lash Booster Mascara. You can get your hands on all of them on your next visit to Yas Mall in Abu Dhabi or Mall of the Emirates in Dubai. Don’t have a FACES outlet near you? No worries, you can also buy our products online at Faces.com

That’s not all! Our founders, Swati and Vishal are bursting with enthusiasm about us finally coming to the UAE, and they’re taking you with them as they visit one of the hottest locations, Yas Mall in the capital city of Abu Dhabi, follow them on this fun road trip!

The SWATI Cosmetics brand is growing because of you out there, who are using our products. It’s your love and support that make us what we are. And for that, we are extremely grateful! Without you, none of this would have been possible. In terms of retailers: feel free to tag any retailer where you would like to see our product range, on the SWATI Cosmetics Instagram page. Who knows, your suggestion may be the next one to stock them!

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Written by: SWATI Cosmetics

Instagram: @swaticosmetics