Unveiling India's Finest Makeup Secrets: SWATI Cosmetics

Unveiling India's Finest Makeup Secrets: SWATI Cosmetics

We are all set to bring the best possible experience to our customers in India adding to the collection of coloured lenses in 8 gorgeous shades our award-winning range of makeup and accessories for all your beauty needs!

Our founder, Swati Verma, is euphoric about launching her very own brand in her very own home country. After all, there’s no place like home right? To express her joy, she’s created a video to celebrate this special occasion and describes this achievement as ‘such a proud moment’ and a ‘dream come true'. Our Cosmetics is finally setting foot on Indian soil after two years of relentless hard work and we couldn’t be happier!

Let's get you familiar with our superstars to kick things off.

You absolutely cannot go wrong with our VANTA Lash Adhesive Liquid Eyeliner. It’s dark, mysterious and brings the worlds of eyeliner and lash glue together. It won’t just make your eyes shine, it’ll hold up your lashes too! They’re available in two gorgeous shades, black and brown, to help you create a multitude of mesmerizing eye looks.

Vanta Black and Brown Eyeliner - Steps

Or maybe try our ONYX Lash Booster Mascara that’s enriched with powerful active ingredients like carob tree seeds, provitamin B5 to give your lashes extraordinary volume and definition.

Shop now Onyx lash booster Mascara - Swati Verma applying Onyx.

And if we’re talking lashes, we absolutely can’t forget our fan-favourite, the Tourmaline Lash+Brow Booster Serum. Loaded with actives like biotin, panthenol and vitamin PP, don’t be surprised if you see a friend or two coming up to you asking about the secret to your lashes. Getting the lashes of your dreams has never been easier!

Tourmaline Lash Brow Booster Serum - Shop now by SWATI Cosmetics

And if even wondered which eyeshadow you need to wear once wearing a specific coloured lens or natural eye colour, you will find the answer in our latest addition to the collection: eyeshadow palettes! Our eyeshadow palettes have been designed from our founder Swati Verma to make every eye colour reach the top. Get ready to create looks that will mesmerize with highly pigmented shades that can be used on eyes and face so that you have all you need in the palm of your hand!

Eyeshadow Palette Collection - Shop now - SWATI Cosmetics

Think we’re done? We understand that if you’re anything like us, you’d want to try more than a product or two (maybe even three)! And that’s why we’ve put together plenty of combinations of lenses, cosmetics, and even accessories that suit every mood and occasion. Gift them to your loved ones, or even yourself; everyone needs a little TLC.

Committed to bringing our customers the most amazing and hassle-free shopping experience, we’re offering fast and free shipping countrywide to over 19000 PIN codes. And we’ve even introduced cash-on-delivery (COD) for all our customers.
So what are you waiting for? Head over our SHOP and order your favourite items right away before they get sold out!

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