SWATI Cosmetics has launched in SEPHORA India!

SWATI Cosmetics has launched in SEPHORA India!

India is a country of exceptional beauty and culture and there’s simply no limit to how you can express yourself through your eyes. By incorporating the brand’s extensive range of eye products in SEPHORA’s already magnificent range, SWATI Cosmetics now aims to be more accessible to all our dedicated beauty enthusiasts and customers in India. We’re ecstatic to be shaking hands with SEPHORA India, and expanding our ever-growing brand across the globe. SWATI Cosmetics is currently SEPHORA India's only lens brand. India holds a special place in our hearts.

After much anticipation, SWATI Cosmetics has launched in SEPHORA India with a lineup featuring top-tier products. This launch was made possible in collaboration with one of India’s biggest cosmetic retailers for beauty and personal care with its headquarters located in Paris. But this launch feels more like coming home to us. We know that you’re just as obsessed as us when it comes to creating some gorgeous eye makeup looks.

"Being an Indian citizen, born and raised there and working all my life as a makeup artist..trust me, it's a very important moment! We've finally launched in SEPHORA India! " says Swati Verma (@swativerma), our co-founder.

Here are our founders Vishal and Swati sharing their excitement about this much dreamed about launch.

So, if you’ve been looking forward to getting your hands on our award-winning lineup of coloured lenses, false eyelashes, and accessories, you’ll just need to head towards your nearest Sephora store. For those already using SEPHORA’s sensational products, you might find our range the perfect addition to your collection.

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SWATI Cosmetics and SEPHORA India welcome you to cherish this newly found partnership that will strive to bring more smiles to all our lovely customers and fans across the nation of cultures. We are overwhelmed with the love and support from our customers, who are the reason we are getting the chance to expand all over the world, and this is only the beginning!

SWATI Cosmetics is now available at selected Sephora stores in India and online at sephora.nnnow.com.

Happy Shopping!

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