Swati Cosmetics has launched at Boots UAE

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Hello UAE! We at SWATI Cosmetics are overjoyed to announce that we are joining hands with Boots for an exclusive launch of our line-up of premium coloured lenses. You heard us right! Home to the best beauty and wellness brands, we’ve always wanted to showcase our products at Boots and now it seems that this dream has become reality.

You can find our full range of soft coloured lenses (currently available only at zero power) in the Boots major locations across UAE such as Dubai Mall, Yas Mall Abu Dhabi, Dubai Hills and many more.

Choose from a collection of over eight stunning shades inspired by nature that’s sure to enhance what your eyes say about you! They’re available in both 1-month and 6-months lenses.

SWATI Coloured Lenses

Our 6-months lenses are the way to go if you’ve found your perfect shade and are in no mood of ever giving it up. The 1-month lenses, on the other hand, are perfect if you like the freedom of trying out different colours and keeping things fresh.

Have trouble deciding which shade of lenses to go for? Head to the “eye care section” that features a full display of SWATI coloured lenses, equipped with scannable QR codes dedicated to helping you find the perfect shade for yourself with just a few taps of your fingers. Try our coloured lenses virtually through our Instagram filters which feature all 8 shades so that you can pick the one that speaks to you.

At SWATI, we believe in celebrating both beauty and diversity. Striving to offer our consumers the best quality sustainable products, our lenses are designed in Sweden and manufactured in South Korea. They’re super soft and look as natural as can be, while also adhering to international safety standards. So when you purchase our lenses, we don’t just promise you style and beauty; we also promise you comfort and premium quality.

SWATI Coloured lenses looks

So what are you waiting for? Pay a visit to your nearest Boots outlet and grab your favourite products! And don’t forget to share your makeup looks with us on Instagram with #swaticosmetics. We can’t wait to see which shade and style speak to you!

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Written by: SWATI Cosmetics

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