After introducing an array of coloured lenses to suit every mood, outfit, and style in 2019, SWATI Cosmetic is finally launching the much-awaited dark-grey contact lenses called GRAPHITE.

In our quest to do more for our customers, we had been trying hard to achieve the most natural and perfect dark-grey colour. After years of hard work, we are delighted to announce that we have finally achieved the flawless shade of dark-grey lenses.

Try it for yourself and you will know! This dark-grey shade gives a subtle & natural brightening effect to darker eyes and a distinct and darker look to lighter-colored eyes. It also has a slight limbal ring to make your eyes pop out most elegantly.

Swati Verma showing Graphite coloured lens shade

Our coloured contact lenses are already available in an array of natural colours, but we have strived to celebrate the diversity of beauty and safety. The all-natural looking Graphite collection is now available in both 6-month lenses and 1-month lens collections. So, get ready to achieve the ultra-power look in minutes.

To us, this is a breakthrough in the world of cosmetic lenses. The shade of dark grey appears as if it has been perfectly sketched on paper.

We at SWATI cosmetics just want to uplift your daily looks with our natural-looking shades of lenses. These contact lenses blend in with your eye color and are impossible to spot. Wear it to enhance your natural beauty in a jiffy!

These brand-new, super-light, dark-grey lenses will be available in all our stores as well as on the website. We have put a lot of effort and labor into developing this shade. Besides, all the manufacturing is done in accordance with safety standards. So, that you can uplift your look without compromising on quality.

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