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How are you today? We have exciting news again, and as always, we love to share it with our followers. As you might have seen, the SWATI Cosmetics coloured lenses are by now sold at a number of international airports across the globe. But, in addition to that, we are super excited to announce that you can now buy our coloured lenses from several prominent stores in different countries, like India, Sweden and Germany.

For instance, the leading Swedish department store Åhléns have our coloured lenses in stock, in the physical stores as well as online, as do the main Swedish beauty retailers Kicks and Lyko! Another example internationally is the large and classic, German cosmetics retailer Douglas. And there are many more exciting discussions going on – with potential future partners. Stay tuned!

SWATI Cosmetics retailers around the world

For us, being accessible in other stores than our own web shop means that SWATI Cosmetics is gaining confidence from as well retailers as also – more importantly – our beloved fans and customers. We hope that, with more purchase options available, you will be able to buy coloured lenses from SWATI Cosmetics whenever you feel like it. Or simply when your current lenses have reached their best before date.

The SWATI Cosmetics brand is growing because of you out there, who are using our products. It’s your love and support that make us what we are. And for that we are extremely grateful! Without you, none of this dream coming true would have been possible. In terms of retailers: feel free to tag any retailer where you would like to see our product range, on the SWATI Cosmetics Instagram page. Who knows, your suggestion may be the next one to stock them.

Also, did you know that with the SWATI Cosmetics Instagram filters, you can try out our coloured lenses in a virtual way, before buying. The filters are available on our Instagram page, from your smartphone. Go check’em out. If you haven’t yet.

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Written by: SWATI Cosmetics

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