Hi everyone!

How are you today? We are super excited to share with you our latest launch, which is new for July: the SWATI Cosmetics monthly lenses. Our current lenses last six months, which is a great alternative for most people, once you’ve found your perfect shade. 

However, there may be occasions when monthly lenses are a better option. They allow you to try out different colours for a shorter period of time, and to a lower cost than the six months lenses. Or if you don’t feel comfortable wearing the same contact lenses for the entire six months, monthly lenses gives you the opportunity to use our products anyway.

The SWATI Cosmetics monthly lenses work exactly the same way as the six months lenses, with putting them on, removing, cleansing and storing. They also come with the same accessories: two vials, lens case and a tweezer for easy handling. And of course, the fit, comfort and high standards of safety that you are used to from before are also the same.

Our monthly lenses will be released in the same range of eight beautiful and natural looking colours as the original six months lenses, as well as the same strengths: -0.50 to -6.00. The content however differs slightly: 62 percent 2-HEMA and 38 percent water for the six months lenses versus 58 percent 2-HEMA and 42 percent water for the new monthly lenses.

We hope that you are about as thrilled about this as we are! To us, this is the ultimate product for all bloggers, influencers and makeup artists out there. But also for anyone just wishing to make an exciting change of eye colour now and then. Also: did you know that, before purchasing, you can try out our lenses in a virtual way, by using the Instagram filters at the SWATI Cosmetics Instagram page on your smartphone? Even though “only just” a technical feature, the filters actually show to a great extent what the lenses will look like when you wear them for real. Our wish is that, with the monthly lenses and the filters, you will feel even more encouraged to play around and test our different colours. And, as we like to put it: “say it with your eyes”.

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Written by: SWATI Cosmetics

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