Lash glue reinvented: Apply lashes like a pro

Lash glue reinvented: Apply lashes like a pro

Are you tired of having lash glues stick your eyes shut when applying false eyelashes? What about waiting and fanning your eyelashes until that thick line of lash glue dries so you can place your eyelashes on, only to start sticking out from the inner corners? Yeah, we feel you. Applying false lashes is never as easy as they make it look on Instagram and TikTok, right?

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Well, we’re here to finally let you in on a secret that can solve this lash problem.  Let us introduce you to the product that we have been working on that will make your false lash application routine easier than ever: here is our magnificent QUARTZ Eyelash Glue Pen!

If you’re someone that loves false lashes but doesn't have the energy to mess with lash glue, or if are you a person that really would love to try false lashes, but find it extremely difficult to put them on, then this little pen right here is gonna be your new BFF!
Let's open up this beautiful pen and we’ll spill the beans on why it is so amazing, how easy it really is to apply and stick on your lashes, and keep them on all day long!


If applying false eyelashes always tests your patience, then everything is about to change with QUARTZ. With a new and reinvented way of applying lash glue, the QUARTZ Eyelash Glue Pen by SWATI Cosmetics makes everything hassle-free. QUARTZ gives you top-quality eyelash glue in the form of a pen, making it a hundred times easier to apply. All you need to do is apply your eyelash glue like a pen eyeliner, and you are ready to stick on your favorite pair of faux eyelashes.

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Uncover the tip of your QUARTZ Eyelash Glue Pen and get ready to put on some dramatic faux lashes. Apply the eyelash glue pen to your upper lash line. The precise tip of QUARTZ makes the entire process mess-free and super simple, especially for beginners. Instead of waiting forever for the lash adhesive to become tacky, QUARTZ has a quick drying time of 3-5 seconds. We recommend using SWATI Cosmetics’ Faux Minx Eyelashes as they stick to the QUARTZ eyelash glue effortlessly. The time-saving formula only takes a few seconds to dry, so you never have to wait for the lash adhesive to dry before sticking your faux lashes on.

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SWATI Cosmetics is here to revolutionize lash glue once and for all. With the reinvented formula of QUARTZ Eyelash Glue Pen, it only takes a few seconds to apply your favorite lashes. Here’s why you NEED to get your hands on QUARTZ today:

Have sensitive skin and fear trying new formulas? We got you! QUARTZ Eyelash Glue Pen is made with a special latex-free formula, keeping you far away from any allergens. 

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Get a Do-Over!
Not all of us know how to apply lashes perfectly on the first try. Don’t like how your lashes look? No need to worry, just take them off and re-apply. QUARTZ has a long-lasting formula that will stick with you until the end.

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Waterproof Formula!
Scared of your lashes falling off in the rain? There’s no need to worry with QUARTZ. This waterproof formula is designed to stick with you for up to 12 hours.

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Perfect for Beginners!
Just getting friendly with faux lashes but scared of your eyelash adhesive? There’s nothing to worry about with QUARTZ. The precise tip helps every beginner get a perfectly straight line of lash adhesive on your eyes with zero hassle.

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We care for the environment as much as you do. QUARTZ is made with a 100% vegan formula without any animal-derived ingredients.

SWATI Cosmetics products are cruelty-free and vegan.

So the next time you're heading out and need a quick fix to up your eyelash game, QUARTZ is here to stick by you, no matter what.

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