How to choose the best eyeshadow colour for you!

How to choose the best eyeshadow colour for you!

Hey, my loves!  I’ve been waiting to show you guys the new SWATI Eyeshadow palettes for what seems like forever! When we created these eyeshadow palettes, we wanted to complement every eye colour there is. During this process, we realized how different the perfect eyeshadow is for every eye colour and we were surprised we’d never seen it done before!

The team and I worked together to make sure each shade was stunning in its own right, but it was also important that they worked together and would complement each other. So, using our vast knowledge of undertones and tones from our range of coloured lenses, we created four palettes each with the perfect shades for each eye colour, plus something a little different.

SWATI Cosmetics palettes on different skin tones

Each palette has seven super-pigmented and ultra blendable shades and one matte creamy primer that helps give maximum color payoff. Each palette consists of four buttery matte shades and three complementary metallic shadows for unexpected pops of shimmer that allow you to create dimension with every look, but also work together as stand-alone shadows. Of course, you can choose whichever palette speaks to you, and you can mix and match them too.

Here are our gorgeous palettes and a day to night guide on how to get the best out of them!


From the minty tints of the Caribbean sea to the glittery stars above, the AZURITE palette will make brown and hazel eyes reach the top.

For a classic day look, use the matte shade MARBLE to create a base on the eyelids, then add the shade FIRE OPAL in the inner corner using the brush 08 Pencil and add a sharp winged line to elongate your eyes with VANTA Liquid Eyeliner.

Pro tip: for an extra Euphoria touch, you can add a small crystal and the end of the wing. Best part? VANTA will hold it all day long and you won't need any additional glue to add the crystals.

Fire Opal and VANTA Eyeliner label

For a sultry night look, start with the PRIMER on the eyelids, followed by MIDNIGHT SKY all over the lid and the lower lash line. Top it off with the metallic shade LOLITE. Smoke the eyes with a matte BLACK ROSE into the crease socket. Finish off with FIRE OPAL on the inner corners. Don’t forget to add some sequins and glitter to get the #Euphoria aesthetic using QUARTZ Eyelash Glue Pen that with its precise tip will allow you a perfectly precise application that last all night long.

Azurite - Soukeyna

But you don’t have to be a brown-eyed goddess to wear these shades of blue! Transform your eyes with two of our timeless coloured lenses that perfectly complement this palette; BRONZE and SANDSTONE. Now go, give the world something to worship.


From the tones of sweet peaches to shiny diamonds, the AMETHYST palette will put eyes with green, brown or yellow tinges on top of their game.

For an ethereal day look, start with the creamy matte PRIMER, followed by LILAC on the crease as a base. Then move on to a richer PLUM shade on the crease to sharpen and intensify the crease, blending the two shades seamlessly with a blending brush like 01 Soft crease Brush. Create a spotlight on the middle of the eyelids by using your ring finger or a little setting spray on an eyeshadow brush by using PEACH on the center and dust off with DIAMOND on top. Apply KUNZITE on the inner corner (be careful not to touch the crease).

Amethyst palette combination on SWATI Cosmetics model

For a fuss free night look, start with KUNZITE on the whole eyelid and dust off DIAMOND to add a 3D effect. Voila, you’re done!

Diamond and Kunzite palettes from Amethyst Eyeshadow applied on Swati Cosmetics model

Craving a gorgeous green gaze? This set will bring this fantasy alive with two of our bestselling coloured lenses that perfectly complement this palette; JADE and HONEY. Wearing this combination, you won’t need luck.


Ranging from the warm tones of a glowing sunset to the tints of a matte desert, the CARNELIAN palette puts blue-grey eyes in the spotlight.

For a stunning day look, start with AMBER as a base and then use the richest shades of CINNABAR and COCOA, to create depth in a cat eye look along the lower lash line.

Swati Cosmetics model with the Carnelian Palettes applied: Amber, Coral, Cinnabar

For a glam night look, start with using CORAL on the whole eyelid for a soft smoky eye, then move to COCOA on the outer corner and on the lower lash line and CINNABAR on crease to create diffusion. Finish the look by applying GOLD on the whole eyelid to create luminosity.

Swati Verma with Coral, Citrine, Cocoa pigments from Carnelian Eyeshadow Palette

Desiring gorgeous blue-greys? We’ll bring you a step closer with two of our must-have coloured lenses that perfectly complement this palette; TURQUOISE and PEARL. Beauty or power, why choose?


From light pink roses to deep brown hibiscuses, the RHODOCHROSITE palette will truly intensify the blue tones in your eyes.

For a quick, on the go day look, Apply PEONY on the whole eyelid and lower lash line, complete the look with VANTA Lash Adhesive Liquid Eyeliner in Black and Faux Mink Eyelashes of your choice.

Swati Cosmetics model with Rhodochrosite palette applied, Peony pigment labeled with 1

Get date night ready with this smoky look. Start by applying THULITE in the outer corner to create a soft wing to your eye. Use a smudger brush to apply the same shade in the lower lash line. Apply RUBY in the middle of the eyelid and highlight the inner corner with JULIET and ROSALINE creating a soft gradient effect. The colors gets applied from dark in the outer corner to light in the inner corner and blended along the application.

Rhodochrosite pigments: Rosaline, Juliet, Ruby, Thulite applied on Swati Cosmetics model

Dreaming about blue eyes? Use our iconic coloured lenses that perfectly complement this palette, AQUAMARINE and SAPPHIRE. Be sure and keep an eye out, because this combination is sure to attract more than a few loyal admirers.

I really hope you guys try these palettes that we’ve put so much love and work into, I’m so grateful for all your love and support, it means so much to me. I can’t wait for you all to get your hands on it and unleash your creativity. Don’t forget to share your creative eyeshadow looks using our palettes by tagging us @swaticosmetics on Instagram.

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Written by: Swati Verma

Product Visionary and Co-Founder, SWATI Cosmetics

Instagram: @swativerma