Eye make-up brushes 101

Eye make-up brushes 101

Whether you consider yourself to be a makeup newbie or veteran, you know that creating the perfect eye makeup look takes time, patience, and the right tools. However, with a seemingly endless number of eye makeup brushes available, it’s safe to say you may not know how to use each one correctly.

Conceal, blend, smudge, and shade…so many steps and techniques that might have you wondering which brush you should use to master each step with ease to create mesmerizing eye looks no matter if you’re just starting out or have mastered the art of eye makeup. Whether you’re softening a smokey eye, sculpting a cut crease, or even defining that cat-eye flick, these stunning brushes are a must-have guide you to express your creativity, one brushstroke at a time.

If you find yourself wishing for a personal makeup brush guide to help you every time you get ready, then we definitely feel you.


Looking for that Instagram-worthy eyeshadow blend? Then you have to  get the 01 Soft Crease brush. Use this round-tip brush to apply a pigmented transition shade to your crease and below the brow bone. With this soft crease brush, you’ll always get a smooth transition where two shadow colors meet.

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Pack intense colors on your eyes using this specialized eyeshadow brush by SWATI Cosmetics. If you are still trying to find your way around applying the right pop of color on your eyes, then this eyeshadow brush can help you get the maximum color payoff.

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This precise crease brush by SWATI Cosmetics is designed to fit perfectly into your eye socket. Whether you are all about gel eyeshadows or liquid glitter, this precise crease brush helps you add some attractive depth and definition to your eyes.

Buy 03 Precise Crease brush in SWATI Cosmetics


Some of us want to keep things simple and use one brush to apply eyeshadow across our eyes. In this case, the large blender brush by SWATI Cosmetics can be your ultimate holy grail. Create a natural gradient with a blend of pigmented eyeshadows with this large blender brush.

04 Large Blender Brush


Everyone wants a low-key dramatic makeup look that every Instagram influencer seems to have. To get the look yourself, use this Smudger brush by SWATI Cosmetics to smoke out your eyeliner. Remember to use the smudger brush on both your upper and lower lash line for the ultimate smokey-eye.

05 Smudger Brush - SWATI Cosmetics


If a cut crease sounds too technical for you, then allow me to make it simple. All you need is the 06 cut crease brush and it’s designed by me! This flat brush can help you cut creases with precision, no matter what your eye shape. As a bonus, you can also use this brush to pack some shimmer on your eyelid for a Glam Night Out.

06 Cut Crease Brush - SWATI Cosmetics


For the girls who can’t live without their perfectly winged liner, the 07 wing liner brush is your best choice. Get  hassle-free wings with this brush. It’s compatible with liquid, gel, or powder eyeliner. Plus, you can even draw precise lines in the hard to reach areas like the inner corner of the eyes.

07 Wing Liner Brush


If you need one makeup brush in your bag that can be used for almost everything, then this 08 pencil brush is exactly what you need. Blend your eyeshadow, smudge eyeliner, add a transition shade to the crease, or feel free to experiment as much as you want with this versatile pencil brush.

08 Pencil Brush

Do you want to get them all? Then SWATI GOLD Luxe Make up Brush Set is the set for you!

A luxury collectors edition set featuring eight artist-inspired eye makeup brushes, housed in a premium, grey vegan-leather pouch with a soft, navy interior. Seamlessly turn it from a carry-on to a vanity set up with its collapsible base!

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