Do Eyelash Serums Really Give You Stronger Lashes?

Do Eyelash Serums Really Give You Stronger Lashes?

Lash & brow serums are some of the most sought-after products available in the market today. What serums can accurately be described as is usually a high concentrate liquid that delivers a very high concentration of any active ingredient directly on wherever you need a little help. Therefore, brow and lash serums actively and effectively help in the growth of your brow and lash hair, in minimum time.

Eyelash serums for growth in general started getting popular with the awareness of Korean beauty trends. But that is not all that they are limited to. Brow and lash Serums are now existing between the realm of makeup and self-care and they do so excellently. With the high concentrate and the texture they provide, these serums can actively change the appearance of your eyes and face and add to your features.

Ideally, SWATI TOURMALINE Lash + Brow Booster Serum is one of the best things that can be applied to your and eyes and brows for amazing results. What it packs is a rich source of active ingredients and it makes the affected area look much fuller in a very short amount of time. As mentioned before, the TOURMALINE serum delivers a punch of active ingredients straight to your troubled areas. You can find this serum work for almost every and any ailment such as your eyelashes and brows.


Tourmaline Lash + Brow Booster Serum

Let's talk more about SWATI TOURMALINE Lash + Brow Booster Serum. Tourmaline is a mineral found within the depths of the earth and is unmistakably identified by its gorgeous pink hues. It has been used for centuries because of its dazzling appearance and because of its magical properties. This pretty stone is said to be beneficial for all types of things and helping in detoxification is one of them. This brow and lash enhancing serum are inspired by that and which is made… (drum roll please!) vegan!

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Yes, that’s right. The amazing TOURMALINE serum is vegan so you can use it to your heart's content without feeling even an ounce of guilt for our furry friends with whom we share our planet!

In today’s day and age, thick brows and luscious long eyelashes are all the craze. With that said, not everyone has these features and if you’re one of the people who don’t have these features you can either:

A. fake it with makeup that will take hours on end to do properly and even then, will not be enough if it wipes off!

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Or B. try the SWATI TOURMALINE Lash + Brow Booster Serum natural lash and brow enhancing serum so you can strut with style! This serum focuses on providing the benefits of having 24/7 use, longer lashes over time, and a 2 in 1 application brush that acts as an applicator and as a spoolie to separate the hairs of your brows and lashes to evenly coat all your hairs. Talk about taking care of everything!

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With active ingredients like Green Tea Leaf Extract which is a strong antioxidant that helps stimulate hair growth by cleansing the hair follicles, Biotin, a three amino acid peptide promoting hair bulb keratinocyte proliferation and optimal hair anchorage, resulting in a reduction of lash fall-out and Larch Tree Wood Extract that, when used together with Biotin, it activates stem cell division and helps reduce hair loss and for making eyelashes appear longer, fuller and stronger.

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The SWATI TOURMALINE Lash + Brow Booster Serum is recommended to be used regularly, every day and keep applying for consistency. By keeping a routine with regular application, you will begin to notice fuller lashes and brows! The hair on the eyelashes grows in three phases during their growth cycle. Anagen is the active growth phase, Catagen that is the transformation phase, and lastly Telogen that is the phase of ‘resting’. it can take anywhere from four to twelve months to complete the growth cycle. Although The hair growth cycle can vary from person to person as most of the studies suggest, that won’t stop you from seeing results. Our serum will help amplify the process and will have you flaunt beautiful natural brows and lashes in no time!

TOURMALINE serum works best if you experience lash-fall, thin hair on your brows or even if you want to add a little natural volume to your already full brows and lashes.

Keep reading on how the phases work, and this Lash+Brow Booster serum’s role in each phase, and how your time-to-results can change depending on where you are in the cycle when you start your serum.

Now, we do have official data to back up the claim that the SWATI TOURMALINE Lash + Brow Booster Serum is actually worth the hype. We tabulated the results from an independent laboratory testing on 25 women aged between 19 and 58 to see if our serum was as good as how we thought it is. The results were that of the 25 women we asked to test on,

  • After only 28 days of use, up to 36% longer-looking lashes. 75% of the panellists saw stronger-looking lashes. 70% of the panellists saw healthier-looking lashes and 75% of the panellists saw fuller-looking brows
  • After the recommended 45 days of use, up to 49% longer-looking lashes. 93% of the panellists saw stronger-looking lashes. 86% of the panellists saw healthier-looking lashes. 80% of the panellists saw thicker and naturally darker looking brows and 66% of the panellists saw naturally more curled lashes

Those are stats that you simply cannot overlook and neither can we. Plus, 86% of our panellists reported that they have seen an increase in seeing healthier-looking lashes. With the help of our naturally sourced and ethically used ingredients that are vegan and cruelty-free, why wouldn’t our eyelash serum be at the top of your favourite makeup products list?

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Do try it out for yourself. With real reviews given by real people on our page here, we are confident you will love SWATI TOURMALINE Lash + Brow Booster Serum!  Be sure to record yours before and after appearance! Your consistency will lead you to your desired lashes and brows. Now go out into the world confidently and seize the day!

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