5 TRENDING Eyeliner Looks That will Elevate Your Game!

5 TRENDING Eyeliner Looks That will Elevate Your Game!

The classic winged eyeliner never seems to go out of style. But why always keep it classic? With so many new trends and creative makeup artists in the industry, there is a new trend to experiment with every day. If we’re being honest, all eyeliner trends are equally ah-mazing. Sure, a cat-eye is a classic, but purr-lease give it a break. 2022 is predicted to be the year of bold looks and trying everything on TikTok’s #Trending page.

It’s time to go beyond the usual winged eyeliner and think outside the box. Here are 5 ways to transform your classic eyeliner look and let your eyes do all the talking!


Negative space eyeliner

Want to add some drama and fun to your look? Try the negative space eyeliner. Use the SWATI Cosmetics’ VANTA Black Eyeliner to draw your cat-eye as close to your upper lashline as possible . With the high precision felt tip, you can create a sharp line around leading to the crease of your eyes. Remember to leave some ‘negative space’ inside the wing to achieve this graphic eyeliner look.  Don't forget the inner corners! This is a relatively clean eye look so you can finish with our ONYX Mascara for that extra depth and volume to your eyes.


Above the crease Eyeliner

Forget everything you know about the classic eyeliner look being right above your eyelashes and try your take on this trending, Above the Crease eyeliner look. This trend has resurfaced from the 60s and made its way ever-so-charmingly into the eyeliner trends of 2022! Choose a classic VANTA Black or go Subtle with VANTA Brown liquid eyeliner to enhance your eyes and let them do the talking!

Place the tip of your VANTA eyeliner on the inside of the crease and draw your usual line and flick toward the outer corner. Embrace your inner beauty queen and connect the classic wing right on the outer corner of your eye! Whether you’re an early bird or a night owl, VANTA will stay intact for up to 12 hours.


Bright Waterline Eyeliner

This trend, spotted at the 2021 Spring/Summer Fashion Week made its reappearance and how! Subtle looks are out of the window, and we’re all about making a statement with our eyes now.


Graphic Smudge Ombre Eyeliner

Why stick to one eyeliner look when you can have two? We love this fun new look because it combines the two most loved makeup looks: graphic wing eyeliner and a blended smokey eye.

Get this look using VANTA Black to draw your wing a little farther than you usually would and leave some space for color. Once you’ve got the outer shape, use a few nude shades and start smudging your wing on the inner space. By using the smudge proof VANTA Black eyeliner, you can make sure that your eyeliner doesn’t smudge as you add the eyeshadow. Keep moving to lighter shades until it’s all shaded into your natural eyelid color.


Double Wing Eyeliner

Even though the double-wing has been around for a while, it finally seems to be getting the attention it deserves!

After drawing your regular wing with the VANTA Brown, use it's fine tip to draw a second one adjacent to the first by carefully drawing the second wing on the lower lash line. Remember to flick them both out equally to get the perfect, Instagram-worthy look!

To summarize, your eyes can make or break your entire makeup. No pressure though. Just experiment with a few trends, put on your usual sass, and you’re sure to make heads turn. Let us know in the comments below if you’ve tried any of these trends and what other eye makeup trends you love!

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Written by: SWATI Cosmetics

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