Hello lovely readers!

How are you today? Although many of you will have discovered this already, we are thrilled to share one of our new features with you – the SWATI Cosmetics Instagram filters! As you probably know, you can’t, unfortunately, try on our coloured lenses in the stores. Which makes it difficult to know exactly what each colour will look like when you wear it for real. Enter Instagram filters – and that issue is gone!

What is an Instagram filter? Basically, it’s a function on our account that allows you to try out the different shades of our coloured lenses in a virtual way. What you do is that you head over to the SWATI Cosmetics Instagram page on your smartphone. There you click on the filter icon, which is second from the right, next to Instagram TV.

Among the eight different coloured lenses (which is modelled among other by our co-founder Swati Verma, as well as by other inspiring influencers) pick the one you like to try and press ‘test’, to the bottom left. The selfie camera will then open up, and you can try the chosen shade with five different alternatives, for instance: full lashes, freckles and natural, or one coloured lens and one eye in your natural colour.

When you’re done with one shade, try the next. It’s a lot of fun once you get the hang of it! The filters were really anticipated by our followers. Especially first-time users have been incredibly excited about this, as it makes it a lot easier to pick the right colour from the start. And even though it’s “just” a technical thing, the filters give you a good idea of what the lenses will look like when you wear them IRL. It may sound too good to be true, but it’s not. Try for yourself and see!

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